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Our school

Ensuring the overall well-being and development of all individuals is very important to us. All our students, from the youngest prep students through to our fine young adolescent year 7 students, are nurtured and cared for by experienced staff who have genuine empathy with the young. Yandaran State School is a place where relationships matter, where caring for and knowing our students as individuals are two of our core values. The school is indeed fortunate to have a highly committed teaching and support staff, focused on the young students in their care.

In these ways, Yandaran State School promotes physical, emotional, personal and social development as well as intellectual growth. As an institution devoted to learning, we are constantly reviewing and developing our programme, practices and facilities. In support of this, the school places great emphasis on the professional development of staff. Curriculum goals and teaching methods are regularly reviewed, as are our general structures and procedures. Integral to this process is the valuable advice and input of parents and students. As a community we strongly desire to work in a three-way partnership between the student, the parents and the school. 

Mission statement

In a caring community we will all achieve our full potential.

Our school values

The Five C’s

  • Care - for the people in our school and our environment
  • Consideration - for the feelings and property of others
  • Courtesy - toward staff, visitors and fellow students
  • Cooperation - with the school community
  • Common sense - accepting the consequences of our actions

Our school philosophy

By creating a stimulating, secure and supportive learning environment based on strong principles and beliefs, Yandaran State School aims to provide each student with the opportunity to develop qualities of compassion, respect, tolerance, dignity, self-worth and confidence.

Yandaran State School is committed to offering the full breadth of personal growth and development opportunities:

  • To enable each student to achieve their full academic potential, considering their individual needs and abilities;
  • For the development of the individual student’s personal potential and self-esteem within the school’s family environment;
  • For each student to acquire a sense of personal integrity and responsibility to the school and themselves in all areas including speech, manners, dress and inter-personal relationships;
  • For all students to experience a sense of achievement through an array of cultural and sporting activities;
  • For each student to develop a sense of care and compassion for one another, in both the school and the wider community.

At Yandaran State School we also work to instil in each student the notion that ultimately it is they who are responsible for their own development. To this end, we encourage students to make the greatest use of the many opportunities provided by the school.